16 December 2014

Hiring taxi / auto for Cash conveyance


The Supdt.of PO’s,
Namakkal Division,
Namakkal – 637 001
All the PMs / SPMs
All the Sub Divisional heads
Namakkal Division

No.E7/11/Dlgs               dated @ Namakkal – 637 001                   the 10.12.2014
            Sub     :           Hiring taxi / auto for Cash conveyance – reg.

While reviewing the NPC bills it is noticed that amount of cash remitted is not noted in the ACG-17 by most of the SPMs including the Postmasters. Therefore it is not able to verify whether the taxi fare has actually charged for the cash remittance is proper or not. The line limit for conveyance of cash by a departmental employee is Rs.2,00,000/-. But it is noticed that taxi / auto fare has been charged at all the offices for the remittance amount below Rs.2,00,000/-. This is not correct and should be stopped with immediate effect. Taxi or auto may be engaged only if the amount of remittance is above Rs.2,00,000/-.

It is also learnt that at some of the office the taxi / auto fare is being charged even when no auto / taxi was actually hired Further at some of the offices, the SPM has charged cash remittance expenditure for more than one occasion in a single day, though he/she drawn / received cash only once from the cash office. This is not correct. If such incidence is come notice of this office it will be viewed seriously. The Postmaster may disallow the expenditure if the auto / taxi fare is hired for the remittance below Rs.2,00,000/-
            All are hereby instructed to follow the above said instruction strictly without any deviation.

Supdt.of Post Offices
Namakkal Division,
                                                                                                            Namakkal – 637 001

8 December 2014




5 December 2014

Central government launches special deposit scheme for the girl child

To help channelise small savings, government has launched a special deposit scheme for girl child -- Sukanya Samriddhi Account-- which can be opened in banks and post offices and half of the funds can be withdrawn for her higher education and marriage.
While the scheme has been notified by the government, the special interest rate applicable to it would be determined later. Under the scheme, an account can be opened in the name of a girl child up to the age of 10 years.
The scheme would mature on completion of 21 years from the date of opening of the account, and deposits can be made till completion of 14 years. The account can be transferred anywhere in India if the girl child shifts to a place other than the city or locality where the account stands.
Further, 50% of the deposit could be withdrawn for the purpose of higher education and marriage of the girl child after she attains 18 years of age, said the notification.
"The account shall be opened and operated by the natural or legal guardian of a girl child till the girl child in whose name the account has been opened, attains the age of 10 years," it added. After attaining age of 10 years, the account holder can herself operate the account.
In the event of death of the account holder, the account would be closed immediately, and the balance at the credit of the account would be paid along with interest till the month preceding the month of premature closure of the account. The scheme is aimed at garnering small savings and channelising them for development of infrastructure.
Recently, the government has relaunched the Kisan Vikas Patra, in which the invested money doubles in 100 months, with the objective of increasing domestic savings.

Misusing of Leave Travel Concession (LTC): Rajya Sabha Q&A

ANSWERED ON  04.12.2014
Misusing of LTC
1330 Shri T. Rathinavel

Will the Minister of PERSONNEL,PUBLIC GRIEVANCES AND PENSIONS be pleased to state :-

(a) whether Government has cautioned officials against misusing the Leave Travel Concession (LTC) claims option;

(b) whether Government has decided to carry out random verification of air tickets submitted by officials to ascertain whether the LTC claim is genuine; and

(c) whether a Government officials found indulging in any malpractices in this regard, can be penalized and prevented from availing LTC for the next two to three years, if so, the details thereof?

Minister of State in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions and Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office. (DR. JITENDRA SINGH)

(a) & (b): Yes, Sir. All the Ministries/Departments have been advised to bring it to the notice of all their employees that any misuse of LTC will be viewed seriously and the employees will be liable for appropriate action under the rules. Further, to keep a check on any kind of misuse of LTC, Ministries/Departments have been advised to randomly get some of the air tickets submitted by the officials verified from the Airlines concerned with regard to the actual cost of air travel vis-a-vis the cost indicated on the air tickets submitted by the officials.

(c): In case of any fraudulent activities in Leave Travel Concession coming to the notice of the designated body/agencies, the irregularities are looked into in terms of Rule 16 of the CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988 and disciplinary proceedings are initiated against the Government servant on the charge of preferring a fraudulent claim of LTC. If the disciplinary proceedings result in imposition of any of the penalties specified in Rule 11 of CCS (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1965, the Government servant shall not be allowed the next two or more sets of LTC in addition to the sets already withheld.

29 November 2014

Pre-implementation activities towards preparedness of Branch Post Office for Rural ICT implementation:

I.        The BO should have table to place the Handheld Device and for charging the device.

           II.        The electrical power connection is required to charge the Solar UPS wherever power is available. In the locations where electrical power is not available, the UPS will be charged from Solar Panel.

           III.        The locations where electrical power connection is there, it should have proper earthing and with one or two plug points along with on/off switch.

           IV.        The above site preparation is to be done before the roll out starts for the particular Division.

           V.        The data on BO such as the name of the BPM, contact details, address of the BO with land marks etc. may be updated and kept ready.

           VI.        The availability of the network connectivity (Vodafone/ BSNL / Airtel etc.)at the BO location may also accessed and the best signal available in the BO may be identified and kept in order to facilitate the Vendor with details to drive best out of the project. If the network signal is not available, we have to identify as Off-line BO.

           VII.        Similarly identification of the BOs where the solar UPS is not required due to installation problems of the solar panel or good power availability for more than 6 hours daily, has to be also done.  

The complete information in respect of all BOs is to be uploaded to the specific webpage domain name (to be circulated shortly) on the India Post website by 30-12-2014.

Source : Department of Posts (RB Division) Letter No.01-07/2014-RB dated 27-11-2014. 

19 November 2014

Direct Recruitment of Postman/Mail Guard Examination, 2014

Tamilnadu Postal Circle invites online applications from eligible candidates of Indian nationals, to fill up the posts of Postman/Mail Guard in Postal/Railway Mail Service (RMS) Divisions.

The vacancies are as follows:- 

Postman - 797 vacancies

Mail Guard - 9 vacancies

The candidates are requested to access the website www.dopchennai.in for detailed information on Notification, Vacancy position in Postal/RMS Divisions, eligibility conditions, Instructions to candidates, mode of payment of fee etc. 

The registration of on-line application will commence by 00:00 hours on 15/11/2014 and close by 23:59 hours on 07/12/2014.

click here to download the notification
click here to download the vacancy position
click here to access www.dopchennai.in

Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) re-launched on 18/11/2014

Salient Features of re-launched Kisan Vikas Patra :

1.Amount Invested doubles in 100 months ( 8years 4 months)
2.Available in denominations of Rs 1,000, 5000, 10,000 and Rs 50,000.
3.Minimum deposit Rs 1000/- and no maximum limit.
4.Certificate can be purchased by an adult for himself or on behalf of a minor or by two adults.
5.KVP can be purchased from any Departmental Post office. This facility will also be extended shortly to the designated branches of commercial Banks.
6.Facility of nomination is available.
7.Certificate can be transferred from one person to another and from one post office to another.
8.Certificate can be encashed after 2 1/2 years from the date of issue.

Table Showing Premature closure of KVP  ( for Den. Rs. 1000 )

2 and half years but less than 3 years
3  years but less than 3 and half years
3 and half years but less than 4 years
4  years but less than 4 and half years
4 and half years but less than 5 years
5  years but less than 5 and half years
5 and half years but less than 6 years
6  years but less than 6 and half years
6 and half years but less than 7 years
7  years but less than 7 and half years
7 and half years but less than 8 years
8  years but before maturity of the Certificate

On maturity of Certificate 
8 Years 4 month  = 100 months


25 July 2014


Office of the Superintendent of Post Offices, Namakkal Division, Namakkal – 637 001
 Memo No. J/35-2/Dlgs           dated    at  Namakkal – 637 001     the  25.07.14

                                                            TENDER   NOTICE

          Sealed tenders are invited on behalf of the President of India for the Purchase of Unserviceable items of all Post Offices like Wood, Teak Wood, Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, Electrical / Electronic materials and other unserviceable items in Namakkal Division for the year  2014-2015. 

1.         The tender should be sent by Registered/Speed Post in a sealed cover addressed to   Shri. V.Muthuraj, Supdt. of Post Offices, Namakkal Division, Namakkal – 637 001 and the cover should be superscribed as “TENDER FOR PURCHASE OF UNSERVICEABLE ITEMS for the year 2014-2015”.

2.         A sum of  Rs. 500/- ( Rs Five hundred only ) should be credited under UCR at any Post office  as Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) and the cash receipt  should be enclosed with the tender. Earnest money sent through any other mode will be not be accepted. Tenders without Earnest Money Deposit will be summarily rejected.

3.         The last date for receipt of tender is on 08.08.14 at 1700 hours.  The tenders will be opened on    11.08.2014 at 1600 hours by the under signed in the presence of such of the tenderers who wish to be present at time of opening of the tenders.

4.         The approved tenderer should execute an agreement of contract in the prescribed form of stamped paper for Rs.20/- (Rupees Twenty only) at his own cost within ten days of acceptance of the tender. He should also deposit a sum of Rs.1000/- ( Rupees One thousand only) in Post office Time Deposit Account as  security deposit duly pledged to the President of India through  Supdt. of Post Offices, Namakkal Division, Namakkal – 637 001  and send the pass book to this office. If the successful tenderer fails to pay the Security deposit within 15 days of acceptance of the tender, the Earnest Money will be forfeited.
5.         The unserviceable items like Wood, Teak Wood, Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Plastic  and Electrical / Electronic materials should be cleared within a week from the date of signing the agreement after paying the amount due to the department plus sales tax etc, failing which the security amount will be forfeited.

6.         The unserviceable items like Wood, Teak Wood, Iron, Steel, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Plastic  and Electrical / Electronic materials are available at  Namakkal HO, Tiruchengodu HO, Velur SO, Sankari RS SO, Idappadi SO and Komarapalayam SO and the contractor has to collect them from the above said concentric centre or from the other specified place fixed by the undersigned.

7.         The rates for purchase of the following  unserviceable items should be quoted  separately  per 1000  Kgs.

Sl No.
Type of unserviceable items
Rate per 1000 Kgs
Wooden materials

Teak Wood materials



Stainless Steel


Plastic / Fibre

Electrical / Electronic materials

Letter boxes

Ply wood materials

8.         The approved tenderer should borne the charges for weighing the above said unserviceable items, including transportation. No guarantee is afforded for sale of minimum of unserviceable items.

9.         The contractor should use his / her own arrangement for clearing the unserviceable items in the presence of the representative of the undersigned.
 10.      The full amount for which unserviceable items like Wood, Teak Wood, Iron, Steel, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Plastic  and Electrical / Electronic materials were purchased should be credited under UCR by the approved tenderer on the spot before taking delivery of the unserviceable items.

11.       The sales tax and service tax at the prescribed rates by the Government Law in force from time to time should be paid in full by the approved tenderer.

12.       The undersigned reserves the right to accept or to reject any or all or in part of tenders without assigning reasons thereof. Any attempt or negotiations direct or indirect on the part of the tenderers with the undersigned after submission of tender will be liable for exclusion from consideration.

13.       The contract will be valid up to 31.03.2015.
Copy to :

1.    The Postmaster General , Western Region, Coimbatore- 641002  for information
2.    All  IPs / ASPs / PMs / SPMs in Namakkal Division for wide publicity
3.    All prospective Tenderers
4.    All SSPOs / SPOs in Western Region, Tamilnadu.
5.    Spare        

                                                       Supdt.of Post Offices,
Namakkal Division,
                                                                                                            Namakkal – 637 001 

14 July 2014

Weeding out of old records

The SPOs,
Namakkal Division,
Namakkal – 637001
All Sub Divisional heads
All PMs / SPMs
In Namakkal Division

No. J/35-1/Dlgs             dated at Namakkal – 637001        the    14.07.2014

Sub     :           Weeding out of old records – reg
            Ref      :           This office letter no.J/35-1 dated 30.05.14

Kindly refer to the letter cited above, wherein it was instructed to weed out the old records and to dispatch the same to HOs concerned before 30.07.14. but is learnt that only few SPMs were weeded out the old records and dispatched to Head Office. Now the Directorate has also instructed to weed out all the old records immediately. Hence the SPMs are hereby directed to weed out the old records immediately on or before 21.07.14 and send it to HO for further disposal. The SPMs should weed out the records according the preservation period of each types of records and Records / files / vouchers connected with fraudulent / Court cases / Department cases should not be weeded out. The Postmasters should take similar action in respect of their office before 23.07.14

The Postmaster in turn should arrange for selling the old records & sweepings to the approved tenderer for the approved rate communicated vide this office letter cited above under intimation to this office. This exercise should be completed on or before 25.07.14 at both the HOs and compliance report should be submitted to Divisional Office with complete details.

The failure to weed out the old records will be viewed seriously and stern action will be taken by this office.

Superintendent of PO’s
Namakkal Division,
Namakkal – 637 001
Copy to:
Smt.P.Bhuvaneswari, C/o Sri Guru Kirpa Traders, 1/114, Vairamangalam (PO), Jambai – 638182, Bhavani (TK) for information.  (Mobile No.98650 36900). She will please make arrangement for taking the old records from the post offices.

Superintendent of PO’s
Namakkal Division,
Namakkal – 637 001