1 May 2015

FAQ on Children Education Allowance, OTA/NDA, Honorarium/Fee, Leave.

G.I., Dep. of Pers. & Trg., O.M.No.I-11020/1/2014-Estt.(AL), dated 28.4.2015

Establishment (Allowance) Section

SI.No. Question Answer

Children Education Allowance

1. Whether reimbursement of Children Education Allowance is admissible for the:
(a) Nursery/LKG/UKG as there is no provision of recognition of these classes in most of the States/UTs;
Reimbursement is permissible only if the child is studying in a recognised educational institution.

(b) Third child if either of the first two children is disabled to the extent that he/she cannot go to school;
Reimbursement is allowed to only the two eldest surviving children of the Government servant except when the 2nd child birth results in multiple births or the 3`d child is born due to failure of sterilization operation.

(c) The children borne out of second marriage or the children of second wife/husband in additions to children from first marriage;
Reimbursement is allowed to only the two eldest surviving children of the Government servant.

(d)  Entitlement of number of Note Books.
Reimbursement is permissible for any number of note books as may be prescribed by the recognised educational institution.


2. The reasons for not enhancing rates of OTA/NDA
The 5th and the 6th Central pay Commission did not recommend enhancement of rates of OTA/NDA.


3.  Whether honorarium is payable to the Chairperson/Members of the DPC and also such other Departmental Committees, viz., Committee on Sexual Harassments at work place, etc.?
In terms of the provisions of FR 46 (b), the Central Government may grant or permit a Government servant to receive an honorarium as remuneration for work performed which is occasional or intermittent in character and either so laborious or of such special merit as to justify a special reward. Except when special reasons, which should be  recorded in writing, exist for a departure from this provision, sanction to the grant or acceptance of an honorarium should not be given unless the work has been undertaken with the prior consent of the Central Government and its account has been settled in advance.

Guidelines for payment of Honorarium under FR 46 (b) have already been laid down inter alia vide this Department’s OM No.17011/9/85- Estt. (AL), dated 23.12.1985 and OM No. 17020/1/91- Estt. (AL), dated 18.11 .1991. It has also been clarified that no honorarium should be granted for temporary increases in work.

4. Whether retention of “Fee” for delivering lectures in Government/private bodies is permissible? As per para 6 of DoP&T’s O.M.No. I 6013/1/79-Estt.(AL) dated 11th February, 1980, payments received by Government servants as income from books, articles, papers and lectures on literary, cultural, artistic, technological and scientific subjects including management sciences; will not be subject to crediting one-third of the amount to the general revenues.

Establishment (Leave) Section:

5. Whether male Government servant, who is single parent, can be allowed Child Care Leave? No. CCL can be granted to female employees only.

6.  Whether Bond on Study Leave can be transferred from Central Government to State Government?
No. Bond executed by the Government servant while proceeding on study leave cannot be transferred on his/her appointment in State Government/PSU/Autonomous bodies.

7.  What is the limit of leave encashment while availing LTC by dependents or spouse within the same block year?
The Government Servants governed by the CSS (Leave) Rules, 1972 and entitled to avail LTC may en-cash earned leave up to 10 days at the time of availing both types of LTCs., i.e., `Hometown’ and `Anywhere in India’. However, when the one and the same LTC is being availed of by the Government Servant and his family members separately in a block year, encashment of leave would be restricted to one occasion only.

Source : DOPT
[ http://ccis.nic.in/WriteReadData/CircularPortal/D2/D02est/I-11020_1_2014-Estt.AL-28042015.pdf ]

31 March 2015

Re -distribution of offices for SAs under Namakkal Division

  Shri. K. Mayilsamy, PA, Sankaridrug will function as System Administrator w.e.f  01.04.2015. Consequently, following re-distribution of offices are ordered :

Sl No.
90036 57306
Namakkal HO,  Namakkal Fort, R.P.Pudur,  
Namakkal Bazaar, S.P.Pudur,   Thillaipuram    
& Ganesapuram.                                                     ….(1+6)
M. Selvakumar
Tiruchengodu HO                                                    ... (1+0)
                (In addition to regular branch)
R. Selvaraju
978 66 12 180
Nallipalayam , V.G. Patti, Natarajapuram
Muthugapatti,  Sendamangalam                              …. (5)
               (In addition to Tech branch, DO, Namakkal)
K. Mayilsamy
969 89 19 473
Sankari R.S.,  Sankaridrug, Sankari West, 
Komarapalyam , Komarapalayam East,  Thevur, 
Idappadi,  Poolampatti, Vellandivalasai,  Konganapuram,P.P.Agraharam, T.P.Palayam, Mc Donalds Choultry    ... (13)
P. Suresh
97 91 533 561
Erampatti,  Varagur,  Valayapatti,  Mohanur,   
Mohanur North,  Palapatti,  Velur(Namakkal), 
Pothanur,  Paundamanglam, Kapilarmalai, Jedarpalayam,  Solasiramani, Paramathi, 
Nadandai,  Kandampalayam,  Chittalandur,              ... (16)
U. Thirumurugan
72 007 468 23
Puduchatram,   Karakurichi, Sellappampatti, 
Vaiyappamalai,  Elachipalayam, Kumaramangalam, 
Tiruchengodu South, Koottapalli, Kuchipalayam, 
S.R. Palayam, Tiruchengodu north, Mallasamudram, 
Belukurichi, K.N. patti,   Semmedu                             …(15)
Shri. P. Suresh  & Shri. U. Thirumurugan will impart the essential/basics needed to work as System adminsitrator to Shri. K. Mayilsamy.

            All System Administrators / System Manager will ensure running of all communication modules like eMO, ePayment, Speednet, Rnet, Account MIS for offices allotted to them and bring to the notice of this office in case of discrepancy/problem, if any, before 1000 hrs, every day.

27 March 2015


Department of Posts, India
O/o the Supdt. of Post offices, Namakkal Division, Namakkal – 637001
Memo no.B1-3/5-1/15      dated at Namakkal -637001 the      27 .03.2015

            The following transfer and postings are ordered with immediate effect:

1.    Shri. A. Palanimuthu, SPM, Konganapuram S.O to be SPM, Poolampatti S.O (1st Move)
2.    Smt. S. Vidya, SPM, Poolampatti S.O to be PA, Konganapuram S.O
3.    Shri. K. Murugan, PA, Komarapalayam S.O to be SPM, Konganapuram S.O
4.    Shri. A. Dhastagir, PA, Konganapuram S.O to be PA, S.R.Palayam S.O

Part II
5.    Smt. N. Sangeetha, OA, DO, Namakkal  to be PA, Ganesapuram S.O
6.    Smt.  K. Sasikala, PA , Tiruchengodu HO to be PA, Komarapalayam S.O
7.    Shri. K. Rengasamy, PA, Tiruchengodu HO to be PA, Velur S.O
8.    Shri. N. Arjunkumaran, PA, Erampatti S.O to be SPM, K.N.Patti S.O- To join on 31.05.2015 A/N, the date of retirement of present incumbent.
(All-Interest of service)
Part III
9.   Shri. C. R. Jeganathan, PA, S.R.Palayam S.O to be PA, Sankari west S.O (1st move)
10. Ms. E. Vasuki, PA, Sankari West S.O to be SPM, V.G. Patti  S.O.
(Interest of service)
11. Shri. R. Chinnathambi, SPM, V.G.Patti S.O to be SPM, Valayapatti S.O
12. Shri. K. Mayilkannan, SPM, Valayapatti S.O  to SPM, Belukurichi S.O
13. Shri. A. Rajasekaran, SPM, Belukurichi S.O to be SPM, R.P.Pudur S.O
14. Smt. C. Thenmolichelvi, SPM, R.P.Pudur S.O to be PA, Namakkal HO

Part  IV
15. Smt. V. Revathy, PA, Komarapalayam S.O to be SPM, Sankari R.S. SO (1st Move)
16. Shri. D. Parthipan, SPM, Sankari R.S. SO to be SPM,  S.R.Palayam S.O
17. Shri. K. P. Ganesan, SPM, S.R.Palayam S.O to be PA, Tiruchengodu HO

Part V
18. Shri. A. Ravi, PA, Mallasamudram S.O to be SPM, Mallasamudram S.O (1st Move)
(Interest of service)
19. Shri. M. Ganesan, SPM, Mallasamudram S.O to be SPM, Elachipalayam S.O
                                                                                      (Interest of service)
20. Shri. S. Shanmugam, SPM, Elachipalayam S.O to be SPM, Erampatti S.O-To join on 31.07.2015 A/N, the date of retirement of present incumbent.

All movements, except 18, 19& 20 should be completed on or before 31.05.2015.
Remaining notified vacancies will be filled up shortly.

A Copy of this memo is issued to:
01.  All Head and Sub Postmasters in Namakkal Dn.
02.  All Sub Divisional heads in Namakkal Dn..
03. The officials/PF /SB of the officials.
04. Budget branch/ Steno, DO, Namakkal.
                                                                                                            // V.MUTHURAJ//
Supdt.of Post Offices,
Namakkal Division,

Namakkal – 637 001  

19 March 2015

Revision of rates in Business Post

Instruction for charging of expenditure

// REGD //
The Supdt.of PO’s,
Namakkal Division,
Namakkal – 637 001
All the PMs / SPMs,
All the IPs / ASPs
In Namakkal Division

No.BGT/2014-15/Dlgs            dated @ Namakkal – 637 001      the 19.03.15

            Sub     :           Instruction for charging of expenditure - reg

            It is noticed that during the recent time a tendency has been developed among the head of offices, particularly the Postmasters of Head Offices. The Postmasters / SPMs are very casually charging huge expenditure altogether without obtaining proper and prior permission from this office, even for the recurring expenditure citing that “as per oral orders”. Whatever expenditure is incurred, it may be done only after obtaining the proper approval and it shall be quoted in all the money receipts and wherever necessary.

            The departmental rulings anywhere approve / authorize any one to act on his own or behalf of the higher authority as per oral orders. If the situation demands or in a critical and emergency situation the head of office may incur the expenditure as per oral orders and that will not relieve the head of office (PMs/SPMs) from getting the approval in writing from the competent authority.

            At any time, if the expenditure is recurring one, a request in writing explaining the circumstances on which the expenditure is necessary should be sent to this office. And only after the receipt of approval in writing, the PMs or SPMs shall incur the expenditure until otherwise the PMs/SPMs will be held responsible for the expenditure incurred. The expenditure charged without the approval will be recovered from the official at fault besides taking disciplinary action.

            Therefore it is once again reiterated that no expenditure shall be charged towards any purposes otherwise authorized by the rulings, except with the approval of the undersigned. This should be followed scrupulously without any deviation, failing which will be viewed seriously.

Supdt.of Post Offices,
Namakkal Division,
                                                                                                Namakkal – 637 001
copy to:
All OAs of DO, Namakkal

5 March 2015

Postings in PA cadre

O/o the Superintendent of Post Offices, Namakkal Dn, Namakkal 637001.
Memo No. B1 – 2/1/13-14        dated at Namakkal 637001                  the  05.03.2015

The undersigned is pleased to appoint the following candidates selected in response to the Notification dated 21.02.2014 on basis of the aptitude test held on 11.05.2014 and the computer/ typing test held from 24th September to 30th September 2014, provisionally as Time Scale Postal Assistant in the Pay Band of Rs.5200-20200 + Rs.2400 Grade Pay plus  allowances as admissible from time to time, with effect from 06.03.2015. The provisional appointment is subject to satisfactory verification of prescribed Educational qualification & other certificates and community certificate, wherever prescribed and satisfactory completion of the prescribed course of training.

The fixation of pay has to be made as per Rule (8) of CCS RP Rules 2008.

Sl No
Marks- Paper-I
Selected against
Unit / Office of posting
Namakkal HO
Tiruchengodu HO
Tiruchengodu HO
Namakkal HO

The appointment is also subject to the following terms and condition:
(a)        The appointment is purely temporary subject to the provisions of CCS  (Temporary service) Rules 1965 as amended from time to time and will not confer any title for Permanent appointment.

(b)        The candidate will be under probation for a period of two years and clearance of probation period will be reviewed by Departmental Promotion Committee after two years.

(c)        The conditions of the service will  be governed by the relevant rules and orders in force from time to time.

(d)       The appointment may be terminated at any time by a month’s notice in writing either by the appointing authority or by any other competent authority. The appointing authority however reserves the right of terminating the services of the appointee forthwith or before the expiry of the stipulated period of notice by making payments to him/her a sum equivalent to the pay and allowances for the period of notice or un-expired portion thereof, if any of the terms and conditions are not fulfilled

(e)        The appointment carries with it the liabilities to serve in any part of the division and in special circumstances, in any part of India. The appointee shall be liable for field service, in time of war or national emergencies.

Necessary charge reports may be sent to all concerned.

A Copy of this memo is issued  to :
1. The Chief Postmaster General, Tamilnadu Circle, Chennai-600002 for kind information w r t Circle Office letter No.REP/2-2/2013&2014/DR dated 19.02.2015& 03.03.2015.
2. The Candidates/ PF of the Officials/ SB of the Officials.
3. The Namakkal HO 637001/ Tiruchengodu HO 637211 for information and necessary action.
4. The Sub Postmasters concerned for information.
5. Steno for information.

डाकघर अधीक्षक / Supdt. of POs,
नामक्कल मंडल / Namakkal Division,
नामक्कल - 637 001 / Namakkal - 637 001