14 July 2014

Weeding out of old records

The SPOs,
Namakkal Division,
Namakkal – 637001
All Sub Divisional heads
All PMs / SPMs
In Namakkal Division

No. J/35-1/Dlgs             dated at Namakkal – 637001        the    14.07.2014

Sub     :           Weeding out of old records – reg
            Ref      :           This office letter no.J/35-1 dated 30.05.14

Kindly refer to the letter cited above, wherein it was instructed to weed out the old records and to dispatch the same to HOs concerned before 30.07.14. but is learnt that only few SPMs were weeded out the old records and dispatched to Head Office. Now the Directorate has also instructed to weed out all the old records immediately. Hence the SPMs are hereby directed to weed out the old records immediately on or before 21.07.14 and send it to HO for further disposal. The SPMs should weed out the records according the preservation period of each types of records and Records / files / vouchers connected with fraudulent / Court cases / Department cases should not be weeded out. The Postmasters should take similar action in respect of their office before 23.07.14

The Postmaster in turn should arrange for selling the old records & sweepings to the approved tenderer for the approved rate communicated vide this office letter cited above under intimation to this office. This exercise should be completed on or before 25.07.14 at both the HOs and compliance report should be submitted to Divisional Office with complete details.

The failure to weed out the old records will be viewed seriously and stern action will be taken by this office.

Superintendent of PO’s
Namakkal Division,
Namakkal – 637 001
Copy to:
Smt.P.Bhuvaneswari, C/o Sri Guru Kirpa Traders, 1/114, Vairamangalam (PO), Jambai – 638182, Bhavani (TK) for information.  (Mobile No.98650 36900). She will please make arrangement for taking the old records from the post offices.

Superintendent of PO’s
Namakkal Division,
Namakkal – 637 001

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