16 December 2014

Hiring taxi / auto for Cash conveyance


The Supdt.of PO’s,
Namakkal Division,
Namakkal – 637 001
All the PMs / SPMs
All the Sub Divisional heads
Namakkal Division

No.E7/11/Dlgs               dated @ Namakkal – 637 001                   the 10.12.2014
            Sub     :           Hiring taxi / auto for Cash conveyance – reg.

While reviewing the NPC bills it is noticed that amount of cash remitted is not noted in the ACG-17 by most of the SPMs including the Postmasters. Therefore it is not able to verify whether the taxi fare has actually charged for the cash remittance is proper or not. The line limit for conveyance of cash by a departmental employee is Rs.2,00,000/-. But it is noticed that taxi / auto fare has been charged at all the offices for the remittance amount below Rs.2,00,000/-. This is not correct and should be stopped with immediate effect. Taxi or auto may be engaged only if the amount of remittance is above Rs.2,00,000/-.

It is also learnt that at some of the office the taxi / auto fare is being charged even when no auto / taxi was actually hired Further at some of the offices, the SPM has charged cash remittance expenditure for more than one occasion in a single day, though he/she drawn / received cash only once from the cash office. This is not correct. If such incidence is come notice of this office it will be viewed seriously. The Postmaster may disallow the expenditure if the auto / taxi fare is hired for the remittance below Rs.2,00,000/-
            All are hereby instructed to follow the above said instruction strictly without any deviation.

Supdt.of Post Offices
Namakkal Division,
                                                                                                            Namakkal – 637 001

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