29 December 2014

printing and delivery of ePost messages of CMS Educational Institutions , Namakkal

This is regarding printing and delivery of ePost messages of CMS Educational Institutions , Namakkal 637003. From  22.12.2014 the CMS Educational Institutions , Eranapuram , Namakkal 637003 is enrolled  as a epost corporate customer  .

The Chairman, CMS Educational Institutions, Eranapuram 637003 uploaded nearly 900 ePost messages under ePost Corporate.  The ePost messages  has contain information in connection with  college function invitation to the Partents .  Since, the messages contain important communication of the  College, all the PMs/SPMs are  instructed to  take print out of all the messages received for their offices and to ensure same day delivery.

As the future  business from the said corporate customer  based on the successful delivery of these ePost messages,  the following instructions may be issued to all  for strict adherence :-

1.    Every Post Office (ePost centre) has to maintain a register which should contain number of ePost messages received, printed, delivered and returned.  The register should be updated everyday by SPM.

2.    Each PM/SPM/ PA must daily login to ePost site  every day in frequent interval and should check the ePost messages to be printed at their office.

3.    The received messages are to be taken printout immediately  and to be included for delivery to Postman on the same day.

4.     The delivery staff will be personally held  responsible for any complaint on non delivery of any message, if the messages are found to be uploaded in the ePost site and printed.

5.    The Postmasters and the SPMs will be personally held responsible if any ePost messages are kept pending in the office without being taken by the Postman for delivery.

6.   Nallipalayam SO has to maintain a register for the returned articles of  CMS Educational Institutions , Eranapuram  Namakkal  637003 (ePost) before handing over the returned epost messages to   the BPM,Eranapuram .   The BPM , Eranapuram   has to verify and ensure  the genuineness of the written remark of the delivery staff  before handing over the returned ePost messages  to CMS Educational  authorities.  Proper remarks for redirection of articles should be noted legibly by the delivery staff.  The Sub Postmaster, Nallipalayam will ensure strict adherence of this instruction.

7. The missent ePost messages if any received may be redirected to the correct delivery  office using the option ‘ Redirect’ under the link  Home services in the epost site.

The Chairman, CMS college has assured  that if the delivery is made efficiently by DoP, the Institution will give more messages through ePost Corporate, which in turn will improve our ePost revenue.  

Since, this is an ongoing process by  The CMS Educational Institutions, Eranapuram 637003 and will result in getting continuous ePost business, utmost care may be taken for effecting proper delivery.

The monthly ePost Corporate bill for the ePost messages booked by Coimbatore City Corporation will be intimated by D.O to Namakkal HO . The postmaster Namakkal   HO will ensure that the amount is collected from the customer and credited  into Post Office accounts.

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