29 September 2012

Guide for prepare Postal/Sorting Assistant Examination

Q1    Ministry  of communication  and information technology was formed
January   1985
Q2     Speed Post Pass Port service  was launched  
  5th March 2001
Q3     Direct Post  was introduced

June 2005

Q4      Express parcel Post was re launched 
March 1999

Q5      Logistic Post  services was introduced

13th August 2004
Q6     E post service was introduced   

January  2004   

Q7     Bill mail service  was introduced

September  2003

Q8      Business Development Group  was formed in Postal Department
1st April  1999

Q9      IMO  serviced  was introduced
Jan 2006

Q11      Consumer Protection Act (COPRA)  introduced

Q12      Pin code system  was introduced
15th Aug 1972

Q13        E Post Service Commenced

2nd August 2001
Q14     Corporate  Money Order Service was introduced 

1st May 1995

Q15    Post Forum  was introduced

10th  September 1990

Q16     The Surface Airlifted (SAL)  was introduced
1st  April 1999

Q17     Speed Post service launched
1st August 1986

Q18   One India one rate service in speed Post was  introduced on
21 August 2006

Q19    Western Union Money Service was launched  in India
April  2001

Q20   The PLI scheme  was introduced 
Q21    When was sorting of letters  in rail  brought into operation
During 1837
Q22   When was the first automatic Telephone Exchange established

Q23   When was the first mail motor van brought in to service
1905  in England

Q24     When did  the first Air Mail service started

Q25     When did the VP system introduced
Q26     Money order was introduced


Q27      The Post office savings Bank was introduced


Q28        Rural PLI  was introduced


Q29       The RMS  service   was started


Q30       The Airmail  service  was started in India


Q31       Meghdoot  Award in postal department  was introduced

Q31       Retail Post was introduced

August 2000

Q32       Greeting Post was introduced
6th September 2000

Q33      QMS was introduced in India

Q34    Senior  Citizen scheme was introduced


Q35    P& T  welfare Advisory board was formed


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