12 September 2012

Non conveyance of mails

O/o the Superintendent of Post Offices, Namakkal Division, Namakkal – 637 002
Phone No : 04286 – 220 953, 230 192. E-mail id –,
No       : G/Mails/Dlgs
Date    : 12.09.2012
All the PMs / SPMs,
In Namakkal Division

            Sub      :           Non conveyance of mails - reg
            Ref      :           This office letter of even no.dated 30.08.12

            Kindly refer to the above.

            This is regarding non conveyance of mails by the SPMs of Konganapuram and Vellandivalasai. The MMS of Salem to Thevur was not plied on 10.09.12 and 11.09.12 and the mails related to Idappadi, Thevur, Poolampatti, Mc Donald Choultry, Vellandivalasai and Konganapuram were not despatched through the MMS by Salem Jn RMS. Immediately the SPMs of Idappadi, Thevur and Mc Donald Choultry had arrange for conveying the mails on the same day through special messenger and the action on their part is good.

Whereas the SPMs of Konganapuram and Vellandivalasai neither conveyed the mails through special messenger nor contacted the Salem Jn RMS for the non receipt of mails. Such instructions were issued already and it is not at all followed by few of the SPMs. This should be avoided in future and in case of non receipt  of mails in due time they should contact the RMS concerned immediately and arrange for conveyance of mails on the same day and should take all efforts to deliver all the mails on the same day.

This should be followed scrupulously by all PMs / SPMs in future and any deviation will be viewed seriously.

Superintendent of PO’s
Namakkal Division,
Namakkal – 637 002
Copy to:-
The SRM, “CB” Division, Coimbatore – 641 002 for information. Necessary instruction may kindly be issued to SRO, Salem Jn RMS to intimate such non conveyance of mails to all immediately without delay if not possible to convey the mails through alternate MMS.

Superintendent of PO’s
Namakkal Division,
Namakkal – 637 002 

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