15 October 2012

Notice of indefinite strike served by All India Postal Extra Departmental

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                                             DEPARTMENT OF POSTS, INDIA

Superintendent of POs
Namakkal Division
Namakkal-637 002
1.All PMs/SPMs/BPMs
In Namakkal Division
2.All ASPOs/IPs in  Namakkal Division SP/ Con/GDS/161012  dated   at Namakkal-637 002 the         15.10.2012

            SUB: Notice of indefinite strike served by All India Postal Extra Departmental

                   Employees Union (AIPEDEU) from 16.10.2012 – instructions regarding.

                        It is intimated by the Postmaster General, Western Region, Coimbatore-2 vide letter no. VIG/2-7/04/2012 GDS Strike  dated 15.10.2012 that  a notice  has been served by the All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union (AIPEDEU)  to proceed on indefinite strike on 16.10.2012. .

            2. In this connection you are directed to follow the following guidelines/instructions, besides observing standing instructions on the subject :

The GDS staff may be informed that participation in the  Strike may invite action in terms of provisions  under GDS (C&E) Rules 2011,  apart from the application of the principle of “no work, no pay”.
Adequate security arrangements should be made for the safety of Departmental Property, particularly the sophisticated equipments like  MPCMs, SB-LAN, Servers,  UPS, Generators etc
The staff may be apprised of the fact that most of the issues raised in the Charter of Demands do not fall within the purview of the Department of Posts
It should be ensured that the GDS Staff willing to perform their                duties are not harassed /prevented from entering office, to perform duty, by the striking employees.
The GDS officials, who do not intend to join strike, should submit individual applications to the  Sub Postmasters/Head Postmasters/Sub Divisional Heads/Divisional Heads intimating about their non participation in strike, latest by 15.10.2012. Such GDS officials should be  allowed to enter office premises. If, for any reason, it is not possible for the GDS officials to work at their own offices due to non opening of office etc. the fact may be reported to D.O. by earliest mode of communication so that alternate  arrangement can  be made for reporting to duty at some other suitable place with adequate security arrangement . 
Local Police authorities should be contacted for getting police protection to safeguard the properties of the Department and the loyal GDS  workers who will be attending duties on the days of strike.
The Sub Divisional Heads should remain at Head Quarters , to monitor the situation and furnish timely report to D.O.
No leave of any kind  should be granted to any  officer/GDS  except in the cases of   hospitalization.

            ix)   Special Attendance Register should be maintained and copy of the

        same should be sent to D.O.

3.       In the event of strike taking observed from 16.10.2012  a control room will be  opened at  Divisional office  from 15.10.2012  from 16.00 hours with the following phone numbers: 


 4. Sub Divisional Heads should remain at Head Quarters from 15.10.2012  to monitor the situation and make necessary/ required arrangements. They will furnish full information with regard staff attendance, mail arrangement, delivery details etc. in respect of all  SOs/BOs under their control to Divisional Office Control Room as below:

15.10.2012      : 17.00 hours  -Assessing the strike position

16.10.2012      : 09.00 hours   - 1st report

16.10.2012      : 11.00 hours   - 2nd report

16.10.2012      : 14.00 hours   - 3rd report 

16.10.2012      : 17.00 hours   - 4th report

16.10.2012      : 18.30 hours   - Day’s Final report

The  same timing will be followed every day till the restoration of normalcy.

             Untoward incident, if any, should be reported then and there, with full details and remedial action taken.

            Since the situation reports are to be conveyed to the Directorate through RO / CO in time, situation report should be furnished to DO Control Room in time.

5. During the earlier strike, number of officials reported that though they were willing to attend the office and perform the job, because of the picketing at the entry point they could not do so. The matter has been examined by the Directorate and it has been decided that in regard to the proposed indefinite strike from 16.10.12, the employees/GDS who do not intend to join strike will submit individual application to the Divisonal Head intimating about their non participation in the strike, latest by 16.10.2012. and it would be ensured that such employees/GDS are allowed to enter the office premises and if for any reason, it is not possible, arrangement may be made for their reporting for duty at some other suitable place with adequate security arrangements in co-ordination with local police authorities.

 6.  As Situation Report about strike is to be submitted to Directorate through RO at the specified time , all Postmasters/ SPMs are requested to circulate this circular among all staff working in their control and direct them to intimate whether they are participating in the strike or not latest by 15.10.2012  at 17.00 hours without fail. 

 7.  The Postmasters of two HOs will intimate D.O. on 15.10.2012 at 17.00 hours  the list of GDS officials who are going to participate in the strike. They will furnish list of strikers on 16.10.2012  at 8.00 hours.   All SPM will furnish the above information to the Sub Divisional Heads without  fail .  If any SPMs fails to furnish the above information to the Sub Divisional Heads serious action will be taken against them.

8.  List of officials who participated in the Strike should be sent to this office and Sub Divisional Heads  and to the APM(Accounts) of Head Offices concerned immediately on restoration of the strike  without fail and inviting reminders from this office.  Non receipt of above list will be viewed seriously.

                                                                                                Superintendent of Pos,

                                                                                                Namakkal Division,

                                                                             Namakkal – 637 002.

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