9 August 2012

Departmental Scholarships for Technical / Non Technical / ITI education to the children of Postal employees including GDS for the year 2012-13

Applications in the prescribed from ( specimen enclosed ) for granting departmental scholarships for Technical / Non Technical education & ITI courses to the children and dependent brothers and sisters of Postal Employees including Extra-Departmental staff and staff of Departmental canteens for 2012-13 are invited from all eligible officials. Applications are also invited for scholarships for their physically handicapped / mentally retarded children who are studying in schools (including primary schools) or colleges or undergoing training in the institutions for the handicapped.

The conditions for granting scholarships are:

1.         Basic pay plus grade pay of the official should not exceed Rs.25,120/- (including the pay of the spouse, if he/she is employed. If the Basic pay + G.P is less than Rs.9060/- they are categorised as Financially Backward (FBC). However, there is no restriction on salary limit in respect of I.I.T (Indian Institute of Technology) Courses.

2.            Technical or Non – Technical scholarship can be awarded to only one of the ward of an official. However, claim for award of scholarship to more than one ward can be considered, only if there are enough funds available after awarding scholarships to all the applicants.

3.            If the ward of the official is in receipt of scholarship or of financial assistance / free scholarship if any from any other source, he / she is not eligible for departmental scholarship.

4.            Degree courses in Fine Arts will also be eligible for non – technical scholarships. But P.G Courses and +1 and +2 courses are not eligible for grant of Departmental scholarship. Officials already in receipt of scholarships for their wards need not apply afresh for the same ward.

5.            Reservation to various groups is as follows.
Sl. No
Non - Technical
Scheduled Caste
Scheduled Tribe
Sons / Daughters of the deceased employees

6.            ELIGIBILITY : The ward should have got the following minimum percentage of marks in the qualifying examination. Those who obtained lesser percentage need not apply.
1.        Technical / Non Technical Scholarship                        -           50%
2.      General                                                                     -           60%
3.      SC/ST/FBC (BP+GP less than Rs.9060/- pm)   -           50%
4.      GDS                                                                            -           45%

7.           Instructions for filling up and forward the applications :

(i).The signature of the head of the Institution / College and the signature of the Head Postmasters concerned should be obtained in the application form.
(ii).The applications should be submitted along with necessary attested copies of certificates.
(iii).Basic pay and grade pay should be shown separately at column 4 (a) & (b).
(iv). If the official already getting scholarship for another ward, the sanction memo No. and date should be furnished to Col.F of the application.
(v).All the applications should be forwarded through the Head Postmasters concerned and not to this office directly. While forwarding the applications to this office the Postmaster should verify the relevant columns and confirm whether the official is contributing to the Circle Welfare Fund regularly.
(vi).The applications received at Head Post Offices should be submitted in bulk to this office on or before 07.09.12.
(vii). The applications received after the due date at HO may not be submitted to this office.

            This may be please be given wide publicity and circulated to all the officials including GDS and officials who are on leave, deputation, training etc., without fail. Any compliant regarding non circulation of this circular received at a later date will be viewed seriously and any applications received after the due date will not be entertained.

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