30 August 2012

TNPSC fees collection circular


From                                                           To
Superintendent of Pos,                               The PMs/SPMs
Namakkal Division,                                    Namakkal Division.
Namakkal – 637 002.                                                                                                   
No. BD/TNPSC/dlgs           dated at Namakkal -637 002 the 27.08.2012
Sub: TNPSC exam fees collection at e-Payment module in all identified
       Post office-reg.,

This is regarding running of e payment communication client  in all identified TNPSC  exam fees collecting Post offices. In this subject a copy of the RO  letter NO  BD/20533/TNPSC/dlgs/Vol IV dated 13.08.2012 is enclosed herewith for your information.

The PMs/SPMs are requested to please ensure that  the epayment client are properly functioning before accepting the TNPSC exam fees. Because if you accept the fees without checking the epayment communication, it will  create a serious problem as well as if we made wrong booking of transactions, it would lead to rejection of application. The candidates could not get the hall ticket for their exam. It is very big issue. So the PMs/SPMs should take utmost care to ensure that the transactions are booked under correct biller id and check in the epayment website also.  The screen shots for checking the epayment transaction are enclosed herewith.

The PMs/SPMs are strictly instructed to run the epayment communication client before giving day end for point of sale module. Even if there is no transactions the e payment communication should be run daily. If there is any problem in epayment communication,  the same will be intimated to this office immediately. One time registration fee should be booked under  “ONLINE TNPSC'”only. All other exam fee should be collected under correct biller id.
 As per the CO/RO  instructions , please follow the below mentioned instructions  at the time of TNPSC exam fees collection at your office 

1.    Collect the TNPSC fees under the correct biller id.
2.    Check the advertisement number / notification number from the challan
3.    Maintain the Challan (PO copy) at the concerned PO itself.
4.    The barcode number should be scanned properly.  Please re-check the
      registration number (barcode) again before printing the receipts.
5.    All fields in ePayment screen for the concerned billerid should be filled.
6.    Run ePayment communication without fail daily.
7.    Check the status of the previous day’s transactions, to clarify whether
     whole data has been updated in ePayment server properly.
8.    Any technical problem raised in collection of fees through ePayment
    should be intimated immediately to DO / RO

At the end of the day, the PMs/SPMs are instructed to send the transaction report in the below mentioned proforma to   divisional office through email id  without fail.

Name of the office
Notification number
One time registration
No. of transaction
No. of Transaction

Moreover Circle Office has intimated that if any discrepancy is found on the part of staff of DoP for problem mentioned above in future, the case will be viewed very seriously and responsibility will be fixed on every individual..

If any default is noticed, the disciplinary action will be taken against the official at fault.

Supdt of Pos,
                                                                                                            Namakkal Division,
                                                                                                Namakkal 637002.

Copyto :
1.    All the sub Divisional heads of Namakkal Division for information.
2.    The system administrators of Namakkal division for information. They will instructed and  trained the SPM concerned under their control

Supdt of Pos,
                                                                                                            Namakkal Division,
                                                                                                Namakkal 637002


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