10 August 2012

Processing of Registered articles through R-Net


From                                                                To
Supdt. Of Post Offices,                                  All PMs/ SPMs
Namakkal Division,                                      in Namakkal Division.
Namakkal 637002.

No. L/R.Net/Dlgs            dated  at Namakkal 637002               the 26.07.12

Sub: Processing of Registered articles through R-Net - reg.

            All the registered articles should be booked and dispatched using the Registered barcode stickers only and also, all the registered bags should be closed using Registered barcode labels only. In order to track the movement of registered articles, the registered articles have to be processed only through R-Net (including the bulk RLs). The matter has been seriously viewed by the Chief PMG/PMG/DPS) and hence there should not be any deviation in this regard.

       Superintendent of POs,
        Namakkal Division,
        Namakkal 637002.

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