2 July 2012

Dehoarding of bags special drive from 02.07.12 to 06.07.12

 Department of Posts,India
O/o the Supdt of Pos, Namakkal Division, Namakkal 637001
No.G/dehorading Bags dlgs        dtd at  Namakkal 637001 the 02.07.2012

All ASPs / IPs in Namakkal Division
The PMs Namakkal HO / Tiruchengode  HO / All SPMs of Namakkal Dn.   
Sub: Dehoarding of bags special drive from  02.07.12 to 06.07.12
 A copy of CO lr CBO /ML/119-11/2012 dtd 28.06.12 is furnished below for information and necessary action. The sub divisional heads are hereby directed to conduct a drive during the said period and to submit compliance report.
Copy of the CO letter referred above:
            The Directorate has issued instructions for De-hoarding of bags in every quarter. The special drive for the second quarter 2012 is to be held between 02.07.2012 to 06.07.12.The canvas/blue Airmail bags are to be used for conveyance of mails only, whereas it is seen that the bags are used for the following purpose in post offices / RMS offices and also in few  administrative offices which is contrary to the instructions on the above subject.
1.    For keeping old records.
2.    For keeping sweepings
3.    For dispatching forms/jute
4.    For dispatching other stock items etc.
There is acute shortage of canvas /blue airmail bags in this circle. Hence using canvas/blue airmail bags for the above item for the work must be stopped. Gunny bags may be locally purchased if necessary for such purposes. In most of the HOs /Administrative offices  large no of canvas bags are used for preserving old records which is not correct.

To conduct a special drive for de-hoarding of bags from 26.03.12 to 30.03.12, kindly depute  ASPOs / IPOS to all HOs and HSG/LSG offices and see that all idle bags that are kept in excess of authorized limit or bags used for some other purposed as indicated above are released and dispatched to DBOs/CBOs Chennai – 600 023.

A consolidated   report from Divisional head in this connection in the enclosed Performa   may be sent to CBO Chennai – 600 023 on or before 13.07.12, without inviting further reminders.

All divisional heads are requested to take sincere efforts to cause to release canvas bags which are used for keeping old records.
                                                                                                            V.S.Mani, APMG(Mails)
                                                                                                             For CPMG Chennai 2

No of postoffices /RMS offices in which the drive is conducted

Name of the Pos in which canvas/blue airmail bags werw actually found and despatched

No.of canvas /blue airmail bags cleared on account of sale of old Records of transfer

No of canvas/Bam bags taken out from Pos/RMS indicated at  (2) and (3)

Disposal of bags thus taken out and sent to

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