17 July 2012

Frequently Asked Questions about General Provident Fund …

General Provident Fund
Q. What is the procedure to increase or decrease General Public Fund (GPF) Subscription?
Ans. GPF subscription can be increased or decreased by submitting request for the same.

Q. Can I get Temporary advance from G.P.Fund for children"s higher education?
Ans. Yes Temporary advance and Final Withdrawal both can be availed for Children"s higher education on production of necessary documents.

Q. Who will make payment on account of final withdrawal from GPF during the last two years
of service prior to retirement?
Ans: Only Fund Cell of PCDA(R&D) will make payment in such cases.

Q. When the employee can withdraw money from GPF without assigning any reason and the percentage permissible?
Ans: An employee can withdraw final withdrawal from GPF up to 90% of credit balance within
six months prior to his retirement.

Q. What is the maximum number of installments in which temporary advance out of GPF can be recovered?
Ans: GPF advance can be recovered in not more than 36 installments.

Q. If it is noticed that amount drawn by an employee out of GPF was not debited in the same financial year. How it will be adjusted?
Ans: The amount withdrawn will be debited in the CCO-9 and up to date interest will also be debited.

Q. What is the minimum & maximum rate of subscription?
Ans: A Government employee can subscribe minimum 6 percent of total emoluments and not more than his total emoluments in his/her GPF.

Q. What is DLIS and what are the conditions for the same to be paid?
Ans.DLIS stands for Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme. DLIS is given to family of the GP fund subscriber on his demise. Maximum limit of DLIS is Rs.60,000.

Q. How the discrepancies in the GP Fund statement will be settled/rectified?
Ans.The cases of discrepancies in the GP Fund statements should be taken up with the concerned pay audit section under PCDA(R&D) (DRDO Cell/Sub-office of PCDA(R&D). The section after verifying the same forwards it to the Fund cell under PCDA(R&D) for rectification.

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