4 July 2012

Tender for binding of Post office records


Office of the Supdt.of POs., Namakkal Division, Namakkal – 637002

Memo No. J-4 / Binding dated at Namakkal – 637002 the      03.07.2012


            Since no tender has been received at this office w.r.t tender notice dated 30.04.12 with the last date fixed, the following re-tender notice is issued.

            Sealed tenders are invited for binding of the following items of work during the year 2012-13 from 01.04.2012 to 31.03.2013

1.            Binding (with calico) specimen signature book of SB for F/S.
2.            Binding (with calico) specimen signature book (SB) half.
3.            Binding of establishment pay bills / volume (accounts)
4.            Binding of supplementary bills for volume (accounts)
            5.            Binding (with calico order book) (Small / large)
6.            Binding of recovery registers.
7.            Binding of GPF class III recovery registers.
8.            Binding of GPF class IV recovery registers.
9.            Binding of Festival Advance Registers.
10.          Binding of Cycle Advance Register.
11.          Binding of Service Book.
12.          Binding of Miscellaneous Registers / files
13.          Binding of interest statement (200 to 300 leaves)
14.          Binding of Ruling Files
15.          Binding of schedule of UCR and UCP (kept in loose) (100 leaves)
16.          Binding of pay bill registers
17.          Index Ledger (SBCO)
18.          Complaints and Suggestion Book
19.          Binding of NSC/KVP applications in books of 200.
20.          Nominal Roll Registers
21.          HO Summary
22.          Schedule of Pension Registers (Accounts)
23.          Binding of volumes.

2.         The tender should be sent by Regd. Post in a sealed cover to Shri.K.Shanmugam, Superintendent of POs., Namakkal Division, Namakkal – 637002 and the cover should be super scribed as “TENDER FOR BINDING WORKS for the year 2012-2013” so as to reach the undersigned on or before 31.07.2012. The Tenders will be opened at the Office of the undersigned at 1500 hours on 31.07.2012 in the presence of such tenderers who may wish to be present.

3.         The rate should be quoted separately for Calico Binding or any other type of re-binding. No materials whatsoever will be supplied by the Department in connection with the binding, Rebinding of various types of books. It will be the responsibility of the approved tenderer to attend to the binding works at concerned post offices for which no expenditure will be borne by the Department. The binder who is intend to send tender may ascertain the exact size of various books to be bound from the Postmaster, Namakkal H.O and Tiruchengodu HO.

4.         The materials used for binding shall be superior quality and durable. A deposit of Rs.100/- (Rupees One Hundred Only) should be credited in any Departmental Post Offices and the receipt granted in the post office should clearly bear the particulars of the Earnest Money Deposit for binding work for the year 2012-13.

5.         The receipt should be sent along with the tender enclosed inside the cover. The tenders received without Earnest money deposit receipt will be summarily rejected. Earnest money sent through money orders and Indian Postal Orders will not be entertained. The Earnest money is liable to be forfeited if the tenderers voluntarily withdraw after submitting the tender at any time or subsequently as unsatisfactory execution of work. The deposit of unaccepted tenders will be refunded to them on their application for it. The successful tenderer gets his refund after the satisfactory completion of the period.

6.         The rates quoted by the tenderer and accepted by this office shall remain current up to 31.03.2013 and may be extended for a period not exceeding one year. The undersigned reserves the absolute right in respect of tender in all matters relating to them and his decision is final. The undersigned is free to accept the lowest or any other tender assigning any reason whatsoever. No alteration or change to the terms and conditions of the tender introduced by the tenderer is valid and will not be permitted.

7.         The tenderer should submit his tender only after reading carefully the terms and conditions of the tender and understanding them and their implications.

Superintendent of POs           Namakkal Division     
Namakkal – 637002  

Copy to:

1.    The Postmaster, Namakkal HO / Tiruchengodu HO – for information exhibiting on the Notice Board. 5 copies to each are sent herewith to supply to the local binding first through postman.

2.    All ASPOs / SDIs / SPMs in Namakkal Division – along with spare copies of the tender for exhibiting and for distributing to the local binders.

3.    All SSPOs/SPOs in
Tamilnadu Circle
for displaying the tender notice in their office notice board.

4.    All prospective tenderers.


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