23 June 2012

Half Yearly Enumeration of Unregistered Postal Articles for the period From 08.08.12 to 21.08.12

From                                                                                                  To
Supdt of Pos,                                                                                      All PMs / SPMs
Namakkal Division,                                                                           Namakkal Division
Namakkal 637002

No.G/Enumeration/dlgs      dated at Namakkal 637002         the 25.06.2012

Sub: Half Yearly Enumeration of Unregistered Postal Articles for the period 
                   From 08.08.12 to 21.08.12–reg

·                     This is regarding Half Yearly enumeration of unregistered postal articles to be conducted from 08.08.2012 to 21.08.2012 (Both days inclusive).

·                     The proforma prescribed for noting the enumeration is enclosed herewith.The enumeration must be made daily by PM/SPM/BPM and the number of unregistered articles of the letter mail and unregistered parcel given out for delivery to the Postmen, GDS MD and from the window should be included.

·                     The different classes of postal service articles of the unregistered letter mail should also be counted separately and the total number of articles of each class should be shown in the enumeration return against the appropriate head.

·                     The PMs, SPMs and BPMs should pay their personal attention and count all types of unregistered mails received everyday from 08.08.2012 to 21.08.2012 and note down the same in the prescribed proforma.

·                     The SPMs should, after consolidating the return figures received from the BO’s and forward the consolidated report to the HO on or before 23.08.2012.

·                     And the HO in turn by consolidating all the figures received from SO’s along with HO figure should submit the returns to D.O on or before 25.08.2012 and also send a soft copy to the email id of D.O on that day itself.

·                     The Postmaster should keep the statistics received from the SOs at his office itself safely.

            The SPM will instruct the BPMs under their control through BO slip, sending a copy of the proforma to each BO. Failure to maintain the enumeration figures and submit the return in time will be viewed seriously.

Superintendent of PO’s,
Namakkal Division,
Namakkal – 637 002

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